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Extra-Curricular Program

Racette School attempts to offer a wide variety of extra-curricular sports activities in order to provide students with a balanced education.  Students are encouraged to participate in these activities; however, participation is a privilege that may be withheld from a student due to disciplinary reasons.  While participating in school sports activities, students are expected to conduct themselves according to school rules at all times.

A fee shall be levied to help pay for transportation, tournament fees, and referee fees.  Students will not be denied the right to play for a school team if they cannot afford these fees.  Projected extra-curricular fees are approximately:




Cross Country




Sr. Volleyball - $177.25

Jr. Volleyball - $52.25






Sr. Basketball - $177.25

Jr. Basketball - $52.25






Sr. Volleyball - $177.25

Jr. Volleyball - $52.25


Track & Field



  • Senior teams may need to pay an additional $40.00 for any out of town volleyball and/or basketball tournaments for accommodations

  • If junior teams are in place, fees will be determined by the number of planned activities for the sport, but will not be more than the fee listed above.

  • There is also a $100.00 refundable Uniform Deposit for volleyball & basketball

PLEASE NOTE… if your child is not participating in a SPAA event and they choose to attend as a spectator, he/she must have a parent / guardian supervisor at all times.

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