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School Policies

The school will provide all technology necessary for learning at school. If a phone is seen, heard or used without teacher permission during the class time, the phone will be taken and it will remain with the teacher and be returned before the end of the day. If the offence is repeated or if the student refuses to cooperate at any time, school administrators may assign additional consequences and confiscate the phone. A parent/guardian may be asked to pick it up.

Students must adhere to all Division policies when using student-owned or school electronic devices of any kind in the school setting. Students cannot take photos and video of other students or staff without their consent. Photos and video should not be posted to the Internet without the parental consent of the featured student.

Worrisome behaviours may be brought to our attention in a variety of ways, including alerts being shared regarding a student's activity while using Division technology or Division accounts.

Due to the fact that these electronic items are expensive and could be damaged or stolen, it is recommended that parents allow their children to bring them to school only if they are responsible enough to take care of the item. The school is NOT responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Students are encouraged to leave their cell phones in thier lockers. 

Technology must be handed in before an exam. 

Racette administration recognizes the value of handheld technology; however, technology etiquette is required at the school. 

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

Dress Code

Schools are a place of business and learning. Students are expected to dress in an appropriate manner for a school setting during all school sponsored functions (including dances, field trips, sporting activities, etc.)

This expectation includes clothing that (regardless of gender):

  • adequately covers the student (including stomachs and backsides) and all of the student's undergarments.

  • contributes to a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environment that respects diversity and fosters a sense of belonging; (NO monograms which use vulgar language, make references to suggestive sexual thoughts, suggest excessive violence, gangs or alcohol/drug abuse)

  • is appropriate for the gymnasium during Physical Education class (i.e.: non-marking runners, shorts or sweatpants that cover during activity, etc.)


Students are expected to:

  • wear appropriate indoor footwear (i.e. footwear worn outdoors must be removed and replaced with indoor non-marking footwear)

  • leave their backpacks in their lockers during the school day

  • dress appropriately during severe weather conditions including bus travel to and from home or on field trips.

Every second Wednesday is designated as Locker Clean-up.  Students are expected to keep all books, binders, and lockers neat and organized!

Lost and Found box is emptied on the third Monday of every month.  Items not claimed are given to community agencies.


School lockers & locks will be issued at the beginning of the school year, students will be required to pay a $3.25 non-refundable fee.  Random locker checks may be made from time to time by Administration if, in their opinion, a situation requires this course of action.  Students, not the school or agents of the Board, are fully responsible for the contents contained in lockers.  We advise all students to keep their combination confidential.   


Ref: AP 353 Students' Lockers, Locks and Desks

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