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All of the courses offered at Racette School are in keeping with the regulations of Alberta Learning and/or Board policies. While Alberta Learning prescribes the compulsory academic core of the program, the selection of complementary courses depends upon the facilities available, teacher time, and student interests.

COMPULSORY  SUBJECTS                                 

Grade 6 - 9

French Language Arts

Language Arts



Social Studies

Religious Studies


Physical Education

Core French/Cree Language and Culture


  • Written parental consent is required before a student can be placed in any remedial program.

  • Students who require the maximum 25% in remediation may be exempted from some or all compulsory courses except Language Arts.

  • We offer a Human Sexuality program for all students from Grades 6–9

  • During the school year, program changes are usually only possible due to extenuating circumstances. The approval of the Principal is required.

  • A doctor’s certificate is required for an exemption from the activity segment of the Physical Education program.

  • All students participating in extra-curricular activities at the school must present a completed consent form signed by the parents/guardian and coaches/teacher supervisor.


Language Programs

French Immersion

This program involves not only the study of the French language, but also instruction is delivered in French in other subject areas. This program is intended to allow students to become capable of having a working knowledge of the French language. Students registering in this program will spend a minimum of 80% in grade 6 and a minimum of 70% in grades 7 - 9 studying in French.


French as a Second Language

The aim of this program is to give the student sufficient knowledge of the language so as to understand some of the everyday type of conversations in French. It may allow students who are keenly interested to pursue further language studies at a later date.


Cree Language and Culture

This program offers basic vocabulary for spoken and written Cree and cultural experiences to enhance the understanding of Canada’s Indigenous people. All students are invited to enroll.


Accelerated Reader

We are using a computer software program called Renaissance Place at school. This program has a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect. It is a fun, easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand web-based interface that allows you and the teacher to share in the educational experience by viewing progress in certain Renaissance Place programs while outside of the school.




Grade 6 


Grade 7-9



Industrial Arts

Home Economics                       

Outdoor Education


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