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Racette attempts to offer a wide variety of extra-curricular sports activities in order to provide students with a balanced education.  Students are encouraged to participate in these activities; however, participation is a privilege that may be withheld from a student due to disciplinary reasons.  While participating in school sports activities, students are expected to conduct themselves according to school rules at all times.


Athlete Of The Year Criteria


The “Athlete of the Year” will be based on a point system.  For every sport, the coach will choose the top 5 players, based on the following criteria:


As an athlete….

  • do you have a positive attitude towards your teammates and coaches both on and off the court?

  • do you attend all practices/games/tournaments?  Are you committed?

  • are your working academically to the BEST OF YOUR ABILITY?

  • are you a positive role model both in and out of school?

  • are you an ambassador for the school?

  • do you have a good work ethic and a willingness to improve in that particular sport?

  • are you “coachable” (do you try and execute what the coach would like done)?


      • Player #1 will receive 5 points

      • Player #2 will receive 4 points

      • Player #3 will receive 3 points

      • Player #4 will receive 2 points

      • Player #5 will receive 1 point

  • Volleyball and Basketball will be on a 10 point system due to the length of the season.


The athlete with the highest total number of points at the end of the school year will be the Athlete of the Year.


Selection of MVP or Heart Trophy recipients are not within the point system for choosing the Athlete of the Year.  The recipients are chosen upon the discretion of the coach, therefore, the athlete maybe an MVP or a Heart Trophy recipient, but not necessarily the Athlete of the Year.




The intramural program is a cost free daily physical activity program for any student in the school wishing to participate.  It includes activities such as:  Dodgeball, Pins and Balls, Lacrosse, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Volleyball.  It is fully funded by the Students' Union through magazine sales.  All activities take place during the lunch hour (12:00 – 12:17 p.m.).  To get involved the students create a team of 12 players and registration forms are available at the office prior to the start of each activity/sport.  Each activity/sport runs for 1 – 2 months and the teams are assigned scheduled days on which they play set at the start of each sport/activity.  If a student has been given a “Think Tank” to serve, they will NOT be permitted to participate in that day’s activity/sport which will give their team one absence. At the end of each activity/sport, the team with the best ATTENDANCE record will win a prize (ex. T-Shirt, water bottle, etc.).


Extra-Curricular Coaches



Cross-Country Running:        

Girls' Volleyball:

Boys' Volleyball:

Girls Basketball:


Boys Basketball: 


Girls Badminton:

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R.C.M.P. Roadrace:


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