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Description: Students and parents explore strategies to:

  • Sharpen note taking and reviewing skills before, during, and after classes. 

  • ‘Go into training’ and build their strategy toolbox in advance of tests and assessments.


Required Resources: 

  • Google Classroom will be used to inventory materials provided by teachers to determine strategies appropriate to expectations, demands, and resources in their own classroom context (eg. vocabulary lists, study guides, sample tests, class outlines/syllabi, etc.).

  • Samples of notes that students have taken in the past months. These serve as a ‘starting place’ to identify skills and strategies already employed and to foster further development of strategies.

  • Objectives:


Note Taking

Participants will: 

  1. Explore strategies to prepare before taking notes in class, incorporating materials provided to students, classroom parameters, and family expectations.

  2. Develop strategies to use during note taking in class, including determining purpose, selecting strategies to match with strengths, and practicing strategies.

  3. Expand strategies to use after class to review notes and add (change) information or format (condensing to minimal cues)


Test Preparation

Participants will: 

  1. Stock their strategy toolbox to prepare for quizzes, tests, midterms, and finals:

    1. Develop strategies to prepare before you start studying (inventory information and self-knowledge)

    2. Explore strategies to use while studying (getting study sessions started, what to study, how to study it, what resources to use)

    3. Expand strategies to use after studying (Who is on the team? What are their roles? What is the backup strategy? Get Ready, Do, Done, Do Done/Get Done)

Speaker Bio

Theresa (Teddi) Doupe (BEd, Special Education) 


Teddi is thrilled to be part of the team with the Centre for Literacy in Edmonton. She has worked with learners who have both great strengths and challenges throughout her career. A graduate of UofA (B.Ed., Special Education), Teddi taught in and managed western Canada’s first post-secondary program for students with learning disabilities, worked with the Fresh Start program, and taught in Educational Psychology. She served with provincial and local Learning Disabilities Associations and the Canadian Association of Disability Service Providers in Post-Secondary Education, amongst others. Teddi consults on accessibility services and reasonable accommodation for adult students encountering barriers related to mental illnesses, the autism spectrum, attention deficits, and other visible and invisible disabilities. Her speaking engagements have been diverse, including a UofA TedX presentation highlighting a social model of disability and universal design, teachers’ conventions, and conferences at local, provincial, and national levels. At the Center for Literacy, Teddi provides customized one on one instruction in areas including development of active learning strategies, executive skills, reading, writing, mathematics, and advocacy. She uses a broad base of evidence and strengths-based strategies to support students, incorporating positive psychology, the Centre’s “Tell Me!” writing program, and Claire Weinstein’s Model of the Strategic Learner. 

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Deadline is May 29th @ 3:30

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