Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff


Photo of Andrea Austin

Andrea Austin


Photo of Corinne Pashko

Corinne Pashko

Assistant Principal, Coordinator of Student Supports, Home EC 7 &8, Religion 9


Photo of Cara Anderson

Cara Anderson

Math 7-1/2; Social 9-1/2; Sports Perf. 7,8; LA 8-3; SST 9-1

Photo of Melissa Anderson

Melissa Anderson

Science 7 (1/2), Science 8 (1/2), Math 8 (1/2), Health 9-1, SST 8-1

Photo of Jocelyne Chamberland

Jocelyne Chamberland

French LA & Social 6-3, 9-3, Religion 8-3, Art 7-9, SST 8-2

Photo of Sharon Dunne-Kotowich

Sharon Dunne-Kotowich

LA 8-1/2 9-1/3, Health 9-2, Coordinator of Student Supports, SST 8-2

Photo of Paula Fejzullai

Paula Fejzullai

LA 7

Photo of Kathleen Gerlinsky

Kathleen Gerlinsky

FSL 6-9, PE 8-2/3, 9

Photo of Erin Gogolinski

Erin Gogolinski

LA 6 9-2, Careers 9, SST 9-2

Photo of Stacey Hlushak

Stacey Hlushak

Science 6-1/2, Religion 6 and 8 (1/2), Careers 7&8, Home Ec 9, SST 6-2

Photo of Mary-Jane Houle-Steppke

Mary-Jane Houle-Steppke

Cree 6-9, Cree Liaison Language and Culture Instructor

Photo of Janelle Kulczycki

Janelle Kulczycki

Math 6-3, 7-3, 8-3, 9 and SST 9-3

Photo of Marc Levasseur

Marc Levasseur

Music 6-9, Outdoor Ed 9, Health 7-1, SST 7-1

Photo of David Michaud

David Michaud

FLA 7-3, 8-3, Social 7-3 and 8, Health 8, SST 7-3

placeholder image for Don Michaud

Don Michaud

Shop 7-9

Photo of Jennine Poirier

Jennine Poirier

PE 6,7,8-1; Religion 7; Health 6, 7-2; SST 7-2

Photo of Raynelle Robinson

Raynelle Robinson

Science 6-3, 7-3, 8-3, 9; Health 9-3; SST 8-3

Photo of Todd Tanasichuk

Todd Tanasichuk

Math 6-1/2; Social 6-1/2; 7-1/2; Health 7-3; SST 6-1

Support Staff

Photo of Jenna Hanas

Jenna Hanas

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Peter Haugen

Peter Haugen

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Mandy Palinka

Mandy Palinka


Photo of Lily Belland

Lily Belland

"Together We're Better" Program Manager

Photo of Korrena Chychul

Korrena Chychul

Educational Assistant

Photo of Darren Culham

Darren Culham

Educational Assistant

Photo of Courtney Gratton

Courtney Gratton

Educational Assistant

Photo of Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey

Educational Assistant

Photo of Stacey Keulers

Stacey Keulers

Educational Assistant

Photo of Vickie Osse

Vickie Osse

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Ryan Yopyk

Ryan Yopyk

Educational Assistant

Photo of Lucie Mahe

Lucie Mahe


placeholder image for Doris Stafiniak

Doris Stafiniak

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Brett Couper

Brett Couper

Computer Tech

Photo of Ryan Brake

Ryan Brake

Head Custodian