Volleyball - 23/24

Jr. Volleyball Season Wrap-Up

JV volleyball players enjoyed a short but intense six week season. This season, our athletes practiced 2 days a week and took part in the Glen Avon, Elk Point and Mallaig tournaments. The FG tournament was very successful for both teams with the girls finishing 2nd and the boys winning the championship. The boys and girls showed a lot of growth and development throughout the season, and their hard work and commitment did not go unnoticed by their coaches.

A sincere thank you to our Jr. Volleyball Coaching Team:

Jr. Boys - Adam and Crystal Charbonneau 

Jr. Girls - Kathleen Gerlinsky and Anna Morton


Sr. Girls Volleyball Wrap Up

This year was a roller coaster of highs and lows ... We started the season out really strong winning 1st in the first two tournaments. This was a huge boost for the team and got us off to a great start. The season posed many challenges and the girls fought hard in every game.

We used our SPAA games to grow and learn leading up to the finals.

Unfortunately, we came up short and lost in the semi-finals to GA at the final SPAA tournament.

Even though we lost, we hold our heads high as we never gave up and pushed right to the end. I could not be more proud of this group of girls and wish nothing but greatness for them all in the future.

Coach Rick


Sr. Boys Volleyball Wrap Up

The Raiders Senior Boys Volleyball team had an exceptional season of development and high quality competition. There were a great number of very talented boys who tried out this season and it’s a coaches least favorite aspect in forming a team when we have to release players who are good enough to make it. This bodes well for continued success for the Raiders brand and volleyball within the Lakeland Area.

The Boys fought hard at their first three tournaments this season achieving 2nd place at the Glen Avon tournament, taking 5th place at the FG Miller tournament, and 2nd at the Mallaig tournament.

The final tournament of the volleyball season, the SPAA Championships, were held Nov 20, 2023 on our home court. Through hard work, perseverance and a dedication to mastering the fundamentals of serving, passing, and tactical knowledge, we were in a three way tie for first place in league play. The tie breaker would fall to us giving us both first place as well as homecourt advantage. Finishing first in our pool set up a semi-final versus Ecole du Sommet. We were able to emerge victorious besting the Sommet boys in two sets. The final was a dramatic affair as we battled fatigue, high emotions and even higher expectations. We won the first set handily. The second set was another story as they could feel the mounting pressure and the hardened experience of the Crusaders. The third set was a test the boys will likely remember for years to come. I saw a light go off in their heads as they decided that second place was not enough.

Though emotional, I can say that the whole of them matured beyond my expectations in that final set. Quality serving, tight passing and setting, and heavy and tactical attacks kept the FG Miller squad subdued through 15 points. The boys had declared that taking home the banner was their goal for the season; mine was continued passion for volleyball and for healthy competition.

I would say with confidence that we achieved both and I look forward to watching these young men continue to develop over the coming years.

I thank all the members of this team for a remarkable and memorable season and I wish them all the best in their athletic pursuits to come.


PJ Dechaine

Head Coach Racette Raiders Sr. Boys Volleyball Team


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