Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Mrs. Andrea Austin

Hello, Bonjour, Tansi!

Welcome to Ecole Racette Junior High School.  Racette School is a dual track Catholic school offering both English and French immersion classes from Grade 6 to 9.  Cree language and French as second language courses are also available to students.  On average, Racette School is home to 290 students and 35 staff.

Staff at Racette School strive to bring out the best in every student with the Catholic faith being the base for positive citizenship and student achievement.

Faith education and religious celebrations are integrated into the school’s programming.  Racette also uses the Accelerated Reader program which has enhanced students’ reading and comprehension skills.  Technology is available one-to-one for each student with the use of chromebooks and smartboards. 

To support the achievement of students, the student timetable has a built-in student support block.  Each day, students have a 22 minute period where they can complete assignments, redo assignments, or seek teacher help.

In addition to a strong core academic program, Racette School offers students a variety of  non-core options.  Music, art, career and technology studies, robotics, industrial arts, home economics and leadership are all areas that students will experience.  Students also have many opportunities to participate in a competitive extracurricular sports program. Golf, cross country running, volleyball, curling, basketball, badminton, and track & field are the sports that many students become involved in.

School Council meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of the month beginning at 7:00 pm.  We warmly welcome all parents and guardians to our meetings.

Please check out our newsletter, website, Instagram and Facebook for updated information regarding school activities and events.

Ecole Racette School is the place to be!  Come by any time, the door is always open.