Faith Permeation

The Alberta Human Rights Act requires a school board to give notice to a parent/guardian when courses of study, education programs, institutional materials, instruction or exercise include subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion.

Racette School offers an educational climate which is Christ-centered and where gospel values and beliefs permeate all aspects of the school day – "Christ is the reason for our school."  The school environment is illuminated by the light of faith and the living presence of Christ. We proudly proclaim our Catholic heritage and share in the evangelizing mission of the Church.  All school programming is implemented "within an overall religious perspective" where faith, culture and life are brought into harmony. Students who attend our school participate in curriculum-based religion classes, prayer, liturgy and sacraments. Prayer and worship is an integral part of our Catholic identity.

Grade 9 Retreat

As part of the Religion 9 program, a faith retreat is organized for grade nine students to attend.  Some of the Religion curriculum outcomes are met through student participation at the retreat.

Human Sexuality

In a Catholic School, family life/sexuality instruction is presented in the context of the Catholic faith tradition and recognizes the parent as the primary educator.  Every parent/guardian has the right to exempt their son or daughter from family life/sexuality instruction as it is presented in Religion/Health class.

Live-Streamed Celebrations